chapter 1 page 45


aaaand that’s the end of chapter 1!

Regular pages will be on hold until April 1 so I can plan out the next chapter and hopefully set up a buffer. The site will still update on Wednesday and Sunday with guest art and comics by some really awesome folks!

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chapter 1 page 44


Having friends you can goof around with and relax around makes just about any situation more bearable.

I’m a big flower-symbolism nerd, so I had fun with those middle panels! Hugo’s are daisies and cornflowers, and Louisa’s are geraniums.

chapter 1 page 42


Louisa and Hugo have dangerous, radical modern ideas, like “women are people with feelings” and “a girl and a boy can just be friends sometimes”

chapter 1 page 41



Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this comic about two people who absolutely don’t want to date each other.

I liked doing the big detailed woodland backgrounds on the last page, but I figured I could allow myself a bit of a break on this page – other than that first panel. I think I’m gonna be seeing white-painted wooden planks in my dreams tonight.